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Photos taken one July in Colorado, while on vacation with my family. Most of the pictures were taken in the small (but expanding fast) town of Loveland in Colorado. Loveland lies in Northern Colorado, at the eastern foothills to the famous Rocky Mountains. Two of the photographs were taken in Rocky Mountain National Park, nearby. Two were taken on the journey to Dodge City in Kansas and one in Taos in New Mexico.

Loveland Church
This is the scene on numerous street corners in Loveland. Quaint little Churches exist throughout the old town area and beyond. Every few blocks a spire or steeple from one of the many denominations, is ready to welcome the old faithful and the visitor alike. This is the Loveland Bible Church, near the public library.

Antique Store
One of the things that I found fascinating in rural Colorado, is that nothing is wasted or thrown away. It seems to be a permanent state of mind that harks back to the pioneer days when everything was in short supply. These antique stores are typically found on all roads leading to Loveland. Practically anything can be found within. Everything from old milk bottles, postcards, jewellery, even long forgotten farm equipment.

To the Eastern edge of Colorado lies the state of Kansas. Just as it is portrayed in "The Wizard of Oz", Kansas is a mixture of isolation, rugged beauty and impending storms.

Travelling through Kansas is a visual delight. At the edge of every road in Summer, sunflowers proliferate. The windswept terrain is endlessly bordered by telegraph poles along lines frequently travelled by mile-long freight trains.

These enormous depots are used to store the produce from the farms throughout Colorado and Kansas. The bright sunshine illuminates the "Castorline Seeds" warehouse, beside the railroad, in an off-the-beaten-path area of Dodge City.

In a barren area to the North of oldtown Loveland, lies the freight yard. Here lie the bodies of dozens of rusting hulks, alongside many beautiful operational specimens from the myriad railroad companies of South West USA. A train spotters dream, I imagine. As I photographed some of the engines a fox idled by in the distance.

A common site throughout Colorado. Colourful newspaper and mailboxes congregate where the country lanes meet the main roads.

Rocky Mountain National Park
Most structures and buildings in loveland are made of wood. The climate lends itself to this, because it doesnt rain very often. This little lakeside bridge is in Rocky Mountain National Park, a wonderful wildlife haven and protected area. Citizens and tourists alike respect the park and its beauty. Vandalism and littering is rare, and punished severely.

Scenic Beauty
Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most picturesque areas in America. A mere hour's drive from Loveland, and the beauty is simply breathtaking. Mountains, fir trees and streams as far as the eye can see, and it is that little bit cooler due to the higher altitude. Paradise as nature intended.

Taos, New Mexico
To the South west of Colorado is the state of New Mexico. Here it is much hotter and dryer than Colorado. Many buildings are still engineered by adobe clay, in the traditional style of Mexico. The pace of life in New Mexico is much slower. Here again, a sunflower basks in the seering afternoon heat.