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Photos taken August - November
Most of these were taken in the town centre and the River Bann. The wildflowers, rainbow and stuff were taken in Corcrain. All of the pictures on this page link to a bigger picture. Just click on any picture to see the larger image (640 x 480), and hit back on your browser to return to this page.

Photo One
The sunflower is an amazing creation. This is one I planted in Corcrain
Photo One
Floral Display
Each year passes and a huge effort is put into beautifying Portadown. Unfortunately each year the town is overlooked when the prizes are handed out for these displays. Despite this the people of the town appreciate the enormous effort put into this.
Photo One
A chimney on one of the old buildings in Mandeville Street on a dreary October morning
Photo One
Woodhouse Street
The old buildings in the town centre at Woodhouse Street.
Photo One
Mandeville Street
This picture was taken the day before the block of four shops in Mandeville Street was razed to the ground to enable redvelopement of the area. The demolition took only a day to remove these derelict properties.
Photo One
River Bann Bridge
This huge crane has been in place for almost a year as the bridge at the River Bann goes through a widening process, to ease traffic flow in Portadown town centre.
Photo One
Town Centre
Shoppers go about their daily business in the center of town.
Photo One
St. Mark's Church
Since the early days when Portadown was established St. Mark's Church soon became the main feature in the centre of town.
Photo One
Ox Eye daisies
These wildflowers were once a common feature in towns and villages throughout Northern Ireland. Due to changes in agricultural methods, and the use of chemicals, they have greatly declined. Our reliance on herbicides and similar products have been a disaster for our nature resources and the environment.
Photo One
Town Centre Again
The main street in the centre of town again shopwing busy shoppers.
Photo One
Corcrain rainbow
A beautiful rainbow shows a sign of things to come, over the homes of Corcrain in Portadown.
Photo One
Centre of Town
Traffic meanders through the centre of town on a dull late September morning.
Photo One
Seed head
I have no idea what the name of this plant is. It was growing wild in a railway embankment hedgerow and comes out every year.
Photo One
Wild Birds
A posse of wild birds perch on the treetops waiting out one of the perennial rainstorms.
Photo One
An office worker prepares to rest for his lunch break in an oasis of calm in town.
Photo One
A swarm of canoes in temporary rest mode await the stirring of the young boat club members.