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Photos taken in January
Prague is a beautiful city. There are many beautiful old buildings and streets, the people are very relaxed and friendly, and the cost of living is not expensive. Public transport is cheap and reliable. The city has undergone many changes in recent years. Much of the historic Prague still exists although the inevitable westernisation is unfortunately beginning to dilute the local culture. All of the pictures on this page link to a bigger picture. Just click on any picture to see the larger image (640 x 480), and hit back on your browser to return to this page. Most of the following areas are within a few miles of each other.

Photo One
These steps lead down through the romantic malo strana area, in the shadow of the Castle in the Western city.
Photo One
Charles Bridge
Karlov Most is the oldest bridge in Prague. Visitors and locals mingle along its cobble-stoned length
Photo One
The old features of the traditional architecture of the mala strana district, are often missed by visitors to Prague. Wander off the beaten track to find the hidden jewels.
Photo One
The trams in the city are well used as they hurtle through each district. The historic stare mesto buildings of the old town are brightened by the winter sunlight.
Photo One
Peculiar little eating and drinking establishments are on every corner to welcome the weary traveller, with hearty food and low prices.
Photo One
An antiques and variety store catches the attention of two backpackers.
Photo One
A lot of time and effort goes into all the features of Prague. Even the manhole covers are elaborately and artistly decorated.
Photo One
Fast food
One of the many fast food carts that are common in one of the old town squares, serving czech sausage and wine.
Photo One
Typically subtly appealing entrance to a back street restaurant. Not the garish facades that litter western society
Photo One
Zizkov Tower
The modern Zizkov Telephone Tower in the East of the city attracted much controversy, with its unusual design and sculptured babies climbing over it.
Photo One
Karlov Most
Statues of historical and religious figures cover much of the borders of the old Charles Bridge
Photo One
Jan Palach and Jan Zajic
Memorial to two of the Czech heroes of 1969. Both took their own lives as a protest against communism. Jan Palach set himself alight in public while Jan Zajik drank acid in their brave protest.
Photo One
View from Prague Castle
This is a view over the River Vltava and the city from The steps of the Hrad, which towers over the city.
Photo One
Old Cemetary
The Jewish cemetary in Josefov the former ghetto. History often compelled Jewish people to live in small communties, where expansion was denied. Even burying their dead became a difficulty, and they were often forced to bury 1000s of people into small areas
Photo One
Charles Bridge
View of the Charles Bridge from the ancient watchtower. The bridge leads to the Mostecka in the Mala Strana which was badly affected by floods of several years ago
Photo One
Wandering through the backstreets we came across many of the embassy buildings. One particular building, perhaps of a former communist nation, was neglected and covered in graffiti and peace symbols.