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Rainbow Ministries, Portadown has been an ongoing project, of husband and wife team - Dean and Judith Weir, who have been working voluntarily in the community for many years. They have recently decided, after much prayer and contemplation, to formalise the arrangement and give their labour of love a name – Rainbow Ministries.

One of the aims of Rainbow is to identify and help meet some of the needs of the community, and in particular, but not exclusively, the migrant community within the Portadown area, and further afield. Dean and Judith have been reaching out to the various migrant groups over a period of about 5 years. God has placed the seeds of love in their hearts for the migrant workers and their families, and this has grown substantially as the years have passed.

“Our role so far has been a simple one of showing people the love of Jesus in a practical way. This has involved many things such as showing friendship, aiding personal development, listening, giving advice and spiritual guidance and when possible - provision of everyday essential items such as food, clothing and other necessities. Through this ministry we have developed a great number of valued contacts and friendships with local residents who have began their lives in Portugal, East Timor, Brazil, Africa, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Philippines and many other parts of the world.”

“We see our role as being based upon caring for and helping the under-privileged, and trying to meet their ever-present needs. Neither of us receive any salary or payment for this work, nor have we applied for or been given any grants or funding as of present. We have on occasion been given small donations of food, toys and money, and these have proved very helpful. Both individuals and churches have provided these donations, and for these we are very thankful. We believe that Rainbow is our God appointed ministry and we base it on deeply held Christian values of demonstrating God's love to all people regardless of background, race, creed, gender etc.”

Dean and Judith Weir

Rainbow Ministries, Portadown, can be contacted by contacting the following email address.

Feel free to email us with any questions, suggestions etc

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A short break from the important things in life, like football.
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Out on the street
A wonderful, cosmopolitan, ethnic mix, featuring my wife with a few of God's rainbow children near Craigwell Avenue in Portadown. When I was young I desired to travel the world to see all the different people groups. When I became a follower of Jesus, God brought them all to my hometown!!!.
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Jesus Mural
Dean painting a Jesus Mural amongst the many other murals on the main Belfast peace wall which divides the Catholic and Protestant communities
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A selection of food which was provided as a Christmas gift last year. The food was gratefully received by all
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Smiles on all the faces. Local children show their appreciation.
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Some of the kids pose for the camera
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Food parcels
Some of the completed food parcels, packed up and ready to deliver for a Christmas gift
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Meeting the street people
Outreach on the street in Poland
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Rainbow Ministries Portadown