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Photos taken in July 2003 in San Francisco, while on vacation with my family. All the pictures were taken in the California city, and represent a good cross section of life in the city.

Alamo Square
This scene typifies the beauty of San Francisco. Alamo square is one of the most photographed sites in the city. These Victorian style homes survive throughout the city, and this particular area has become known as "Postcard Row".

Market street is the main thoroughfare within the centre of the city. Locals gather here everyday for the chess challenge. This spot is near where the cable car line begins, right in the centre of town. The tourist information centre is nearby, as are the usual collection of rogues who would want to take advantage of unwary tourists. The Police keep a keen eye on activities in this part of town at night.

A Homeless Man
This city suffers an unfair share of homeless individuals. Perhaps due to a combination of its temperate climate and an influx of drug users in the 1970s. Many of the homeless are addicted to alcohol or have psychological disorders. However, in my experience, the homeless people have always been polite and non-threatening. Some of the transients favour San Francisco's milder weather, than that of other cities

A San Francisco streetcar waits at Embarcadero. Tourists throng the popular Fisherman's wharf area every summer, and these cars proved so popular that the distinctive liveried vehicles were imported from other US cities. The distinctive rattle fills the air as they hurtle up and down Market Street on tram lines. Overhead electrical connections strafe the sky

A typical row of San Francisco buildings near the Union Square area. This area is off the main drag, and is very interesting. Like any city, there is the usual mix of dry cleaners, Mexican restaurants, buy and sells, and little boutiques. The space above the stores, provides accomodation for the local population, a diverse ethnic mix

Outside the main tourist part of Chinatown, you are immediately confronted by a language problem. This is a much more interesting place, because the people are not solely involved in selling knick-knacks. I found the Chinese people of San Francisco to be a very meek and gentle people, who were always keen to help. They were both fascinating and friendly

Cable Car
Cable cars still run on three routes in the city. They were given special status several years back and are now classified in the equivalent way as a National Monument. They were designed in an earlier era to tackle the steep hills of San Francisco. In htis picture the Trans-America pyramid is visible in the background

Newspapers for sale
When I first travelled to USA, I found scenes like this very unusual. Rows of newspapers for sale and some for free. The idea of putting in a coin and taking a paper stretched my imagination. Can you imagine having them in many UK town centres. Relying on people's honesty and integrity, would be difficult here. Almost incidental to this photo, is the man lying on the footpath amidst the bustle of the city.

Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco would not be complete without the famous Golden Gate bridge. No photo does justice to the enormous artifact. The scale of the amazing sight is difficult to fathom. Makes you wonder what can be done, when minds work together constructively

Take it easy
Resting in the morning sun, at the weekly market near City Hall, at the edge of the Tenderloin district. Now, explain to me how that position is confortable.