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Photos taken 2003 in Portadown. Once again, these are large image files and will take a little while to open, so please be patient, and hopefully they will be worth the wait. They mostly give an idea of the buildings and architecture of Portadown, and how it is gradually changing and developing

Spring bulbs blooming
This view shows the blooms in front of Portadown's St. Mark's Church. Pedestrians stroll by in the Spring morning. The aptly named Church Street veers off to the left, and Magowan buildings stands on West Street at the right.

Old Buildings
This very interesting old building has unique architectural features. It stands in the town centre at the corner of Woodhouse Street. It has escaped relatively unscathed despite numerous town centre bombs and the political unrest, that once infested the town. Currently, only a few visionless individuals, strive relentlessly to bring us back to gloomier times

Coming Down
Another unique building bites the dust. The former Progressive building in the town centre in the process of being demolished. Workers tirelessly remove slate after slate, as the facades of gaily painted stores illuminate the foreground, on a dull day

A storm threatens the row of shops and offices while a forest of traffic signals and barriers stand unperturbed

Meadow Lane
The sun reappears and Meadow Lane opens up with its visually stimulating street displays. An interested store owner poses with his staff amongst his wares.

Shamrock Park
The newly designed exterior to the home of Portadown Football Club. The grounds were long overdue a facelift. More new seating has also been planned

St. Patrick's Hall
The former St. Patrick's Hall, which stands in Thomas Street near the swimming pool, has been revamped and now belongs to the Elim Church. Thomas Street is, in my opinion the most architecturally beautiful and diverse street in Portadown.

Methodist Church
This is an alternative view, of Thomas Street Methodist Church, one of many religiously orientated buildings in the Street. It also has several pubs, a fire station, various halls and housing.

New Library
The new library now provides spacious surroundings for bibliophiles, a large computer suite providing free internet access and much more. It is a vastly superior design for a modern library, than the cramped but pretty Carnegie building in Edward street that it replaced

Portadown News
The former offices of the Portadown News, in Thomas Street, now occupied by a travel agency. The local weekly has been superceeded by the Portadown Times, which is situated in another area of Portadown

Country comes to town
Portadown town centre is thronged during the annual country comes to town fair. A balloon seller idles past some renovated farm equipment, as the multitude take in the event

Steam Power
Enthusiasts flock around a steam powered vehicle. All age groups are represented at the gathering, which is annually held in September, and becomes more popular as time goes on.