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Photos taken in February
Portadown, like the rest of Northern Ireland often receives all four seasons in one week. These winter scenes were captured in late February, at the time of a rare downfall of heavy snow. All of the pictures on this page link to a bigger picture. Just click on any picture to see the larger image (640 x 480), and hit back on your browser to return to this page. Most of the following areas are within a half mile of each other.

Photo One
The streets are almost deserted as a sudden blizzard envelopes the town centre. The few pedestrians scurry for shelter as the icy droplets swirl through the windswept streets. The shops are barely visable and the sky is white with snowflakes.
Photo One
A more gentle flurry begins to settle and frost the rooftops of the town. An old chapel is visible in the background
Photo One
The old buildings in the centre of town are rarely seen from this vantage point. As snow and sleet continue to fall, the dull image becomes more picturesque. The only things missing are the Christmas reindeers, hurtling along the horizon.
Photo One
McConville Bros Wine Merchants. A traditional imbibing establishment gets a seasonal coating. This building was a former hotel, and is a friendly spot for a decent guinness, as well as a famous landmark, with excellent decor and friendly staff.
Photo One
Charles Street
This was my view as I set out to work from Corcrain. The picturesque view resembles a scene from winter in the Baltics. Unfortunately the snow lay for a few hours before defrosting into a sludge.
Photo One
The Oaks
Just 100 yards from the previous scene, the snow has highlighted the old woodland that once dotted the grounds of a large estate, which was established 200 years ago.
Photo One
A car looks diminutive alongside the huge trees, as it travels along a perilous route of packed ice. The antique wall which once formed the structure of mill-workers homes, lines the route along Charles Street.
Photo One
A line of tall trees mark the boundary of an ancient long-forgotten path. Modern comfortable housing nestles silently in the background.
Photo One
Like a scene from a postcard. The entrance to Greenview Gardens stands host to a downfall of frozen snow.
Photo One
Another flurry of hail and snow attacks the railway cutting as the line disappears over the horizon on its sojourn to Dublin and beyond. Portadown was once a major railroad hub, with lines radiating to Dungannon, Derry and Armagh, Monaghon. Now, we are a stop on the line between the two Irish capital cities of Belfast and Dublin.
Photo One
The workers at the House of Fireplaces in West Street, strike an early morning pose, as a blizzard threatens to take hold.
Photo One
Corcrain Fields
The gentle heat of the afternoon sun begings to defrost the overnight downfall.
Photo One
Corcrain Estate
Pretty little rowhouses of Corcrain, overlook the melting snow at the edge of the community woodland.
Photo One
Picnic Bench
Welcome solace for the weary traveller. These benches were supplied with the help of the Woodland Trust, the Millenium Commission and the Corcrain Community, to encourage walkers to use the area.